The seventy, eighty, and ninety year olds who pass on over the next thirty years take with them the last remnants of traditional family values. While not every aspect of this lifestyle is something we might want to hold on to, each new generation is farther and farther away.  This is such a trend that it is not far-fetched to consider that marriage will become obsolete within the next half-century.



While there are vast amounts of people not getting married, in part because of the failure rate over the past forty years, there are still plenty getting married.  Our goal is for them to become a more successful group, so then more people will want to become a part of this group again. It’s akin to repopulating a species on the brink of extinction rather than letting it become extinct.

the future depends on what we do now!

Parents married?  Parents divorced?  Happily married?  Unhappily married?  Divorced?  Remarried?  Never married?  No matter where you are on the marriage / divorce wheel, you can still change the culture, so that your own children choose to be married one day.  Whether marriage exists for your kids / grandkids years from now, or not, depends on us acting now, before it’s too late!


plant your family tree

Monuments have long served as markers to memorialize pain that was endured, honor heroes, and recognize dreams lost – to remind us to never let it happen again.  We are planting groves of "Family Trees", which create living monuments.  These memorials validate the pain and suffering of America’s Children of Divorce. In addition, the trees help to vegetate America’s dwindling forests as we help tomorrow’s children – America’s greatest natural resource – grow up to inherit a healthier environment.  Funds raised in excess of costs will be used to produce a Public Service Announcememnt campaign where those who live the true meaning of marriage, and those who have lost faith in it, unite to honor what was, strengthen what is, and create hope for what can be.

Our Goal:  1 Million Family Trees!

Corporate tree planting partnerships are responsible for millions of trees planted each year. For instance, Enterprise Car Rental plants over one million trees each year.


Together we will reach our goal and do great things to provide our nation's children a healthier environment.  You will enjoy the satisfaction of having joined something out of the ordinary that has an extraordinary impact on families for generations to come.


When a substantial number of pledges are collected, we will contract with a national tree planting organization to build an awe inspiring living monument as well as with an advertising agency to create powerful PSA commercials.  Then we will ask for $18 to plant your Family Tree.  We don't want to take your money until we have enough participants so we can make our big plan happen.

Plant your Family Tree!  Honor a strong dedication to your family, its continual maintenance, and its growth into a healthy future.